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What is amputation?

Today’s advanced surgical techniques allow physicians to avoid amputations whenever possible when a patient is faced with bone cancer in their arms or legs. However, in some cases, surgical removal of the entire arm or a leg affected by cancer is still the best option for removing the tumor.

Why it's done

A physician may recommend amputation when:

  • The tumor can’t be completely removed with more limited surgery.
  • The patient is not healthy enough for surgeons to reconstruct the arm or leg after the tumor is removed.
  • Removing the tumor would likely damage essential nerves, arteries or muscles in the limb and leave it impaired.

Our approach

The physicians at Northwell Health will thoroughly discuss their recommendations with each patient and their family before amputation, including all risks and alternatives. We provide comprehensive services for patients, including Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (STARS). At STARS, patients will participate in a treatment plan tailored to their needs and developed by physical and occupational therapists who coordinate care with the patient’s physicians.

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