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Female doctor in blue scrubs talks to doctor in white lab coat
Working together to provide patients with exceptional care
As a primary care provider or referring physician, your patients look to you to offer them the best possible care—and you should look to us for the same. We accept referrals from physicians around the world, and we can expertly perform a wide range of colorectal surgeries.

Refer a patient

At Northwell Health, we respect the relationships you have with your patients. We're here to further strengthen that relationship by providing excellent colorectal surgical care for a variety of conditions. We accept referrals from physicians around the world, and it's not necessary to have an existing relationship with our staff to get in touch with us. We offer same day or next day appointments, so your patient can be seen in a timely fashion.

We also have a physician priority line to maintain direct communication. You can call and speak to an attending surgeon to arrange or discuss inpatient, outpatient and emergency consultations. 

Graduate medical education

Fellowship in colon and rectal surgery

Northwell Health offers a one-year comprehensive clinical colon and rectal fellowship program. Fellows gain a phenomenal operative experience through a large volume of diverse surgical procedures.

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