Online health risk assessments

Online health risk assessments

Health assessments

Taking control of your health is important. But staying well can sometimes be a challenge. Some health risks are avoidable, and others are genetic. Knowing your risks of breast cancer, diabetes, stroke and many other major health conditions will help give you the knowledge you need to manage your care.

Know your risks

Take a few minutes and complete our free health risk assessments. It’s easy. The results are immediately available and the information you gain helps you and your physician reduce the chance of problems before they start.

Back and neck pain assessment Assess how spine pain impacts your daily activities
Breast cancer risks Estimate your personal risk of developing breast cancer
Colorectal cancer risks Identify your colon and rectal cancer risk factors
Diabetes risks Learn about diabetes risk factors and how to improve them
Heart health risks Compare your actual age to your heart's biological age
Knee and hip pain assessment Quantify how joint pain is affecting your quality of life
Lung cancer risks Learn if a lung cancer screening is recommended for you
Peripheral artery disease (PAD) risks Estimate your personal risk of developing PAD
Prostate cancer risks Identify your different types of prostate cancer risk factors
Sleep apnea Estimate your personal risk for sleep apnea
Stroke risks Identify your stroke risk factors and how to improve them
Urinary incontinence profiler Assess the type and severity of your urinary incontinence
Weight loss surgery assessment Discover if weight-loss surgery may be an option for you

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Know Your Heart Health

Find out your risk factors for heart disease by taking a heart health risk assessment. Visit

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