Language & communication access services

Language & communication access services

The Language & Communication Access Services Program of the Office of Community & Public Health ensures meaningful access to health services for all patients inclusive of those with distinct communication needs. We strive to advance effective communication between providers, all members of the medical team and patients that enhance patient safety and patient outcomes. The patient-centered scope of the program is structured in four main categories:

  • Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients
  • Deaf or hearing impaired patients
  • Speech and language impaired patients
  • Visually impaired patients

A comprehensive language and communications assistance strategic plan focuses on meeting the needs of our diverse communities and patient population. The Language & Communication Access Services Program provides communication resources to our patients and families with distinct communication needs in four main areas:

  • Language interpretation services
  • Sign language interpretation services
  • Vital documentation and translation services
  • Community outreach Language Assistance Coordinators are available at each facility to provide support, guidance and to ensure that our patients’ special communication needs are met.

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