Accessibility & social services

Language, literacy, and disability access

Call (516) 881-7000

Language Assistance Coordinators are available at each facility to provide support, guidance and to ensure that our patients’ special communication needs are met, including:

  • Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients
  • Deaf or hearing impaired patients
  • Speech and language impaired patients
  • Visually impaired patients

Language & communication access services

Health Literacy

By addressing each patient’s communication needs during the continuum of care, we can help you fill out complex forms, share your health history and other personal information with health providers, understand how to take medicines and much more.

Learn more about Health Literacy

Occupational and Veterans Health Services

Veterans' Health Services

Northwell Health is committed to providing veterans and their families with personalized, compassionate care.

Occupational Medicine

Specialists at the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center provide consultation services for a wide spectrum of work-related injuries and exposures.

WTC Clinical Center of Excellence

The Queens WTC Clinical Center of Excellence is one of seven in the New York/New Jersey area that provide medical monitoring, diagnosis and treatment for WTC-related health conditions. For more information, call (718) 267-2420.

(888) 243-6272

Call for free Senior Navigator referral service.

Social work services

Social Workers are trained to provide a variety of services, ranging from psychotherapy to the administration of health and welfare programs. They work with human development and behavior, including the social, economic, and cultural systems in which people function. Social workers are on staff at all of our hospitals.

Pediatric social work:
(718) 470-3124

In-home social work services:
(866) 651-4200