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A person reads their medical tests on their iPad
The future is ours to build
We’ve broken down silos and created a space where other organizations are invited to brainstorm, collaborate and co-create with us.

Northwell Health’s infrastructure is your foundation

Northwell Health proudly announces the Center for Health Information Technology and Innovation, a hub that cultivates collaboration and co-creation without boundaries. The “Innovation Center” invites inventors, entrepreneurs, clinicians, industry leaders, and creative thinkers to join forces and team with the sharpest minds in medicine and technology in our quest to transform healthcare.

Home to many groundbreaking technologies, the Innovation Center serves as an incubator for individuals and companies whose imagination goes beyond the everyday, and challenges them to imagine the possibilities. As the largest healthcare provider in the eastern region of the United States with over 23 hospitals, 15,000 affiliated physicians, 650 outpatient facilities and over 65,000 employees, we are uniquely positioned to offer developers access to a vast, data-rich environment against which to evaluate new paradigms in healthcare delivery.

Innovation at the heart of everything we do

The Center for Health Information Technology and Innovation is a place where clinical expertise, design experience, and technology know-how come together to raise the standard of health care.

What could you invent or improve with the technology of the largest health system in New York at your fingertips? Here, you can:

  • Safely test in a setting that mimics both hospital and ambulatory environments
  • Experiment with technologies in a simulated patient home
  • Print prosthetics in 3D
  • Securely save and store your work and ideas in our Cloud

The Northwell Health Innovation Center is home to the many groundbreaking technologies we use to advance the future of medicine every day, such as:

  • Home health and wearable biosensor devices to monitor patients from anywhere, at any time
  • Virtual reality for safety, quality and education
  • A wayfinding smartphone application to navigate patients and visitors throughout our facilities
  • Connected patient rooms with voice commands and digital displays
  • Telehealth solutions that allow specialized consults from across the globe

We are excited to continue strengthening our partnerships with leading healthcare companies and developing relationships with smaller, niche venues to co-create:

  • The next generation of electronic health records
  • Medical grade networks
  • Geo-spatial intelligence to foster population health
  • Mobility platforms with unprecedented agility and intelligence
  • A health buddy available throughout the life cycle
  • An open eco-system for communication, education and collaboration

Our mission

Innovation without borders to create human-centered technologies

The Center for Health Information Technology and Innovation is a place where clinical expertise, design experience and technology know-how come together to raise the standard of health care.

Innovations underway

If you can imagine a better future for healthcare, you can build it here!

Drone Technology

Imagine a catastrophic event preventing first responders from reaching a patient in time. Drones have the potential to deliver medical care by the transport of life-saving equipment or medication, or by providing situational awareness to an incident, paving the way to save lives in arduous and complex situations. Northwell Health has partnered with the Verizon Innovation team to develop use cases for drone technology healthcare solutions. The late Dr. Michael Guttenberg was passionate about the benefits drones can provide to the healthcare industry and his work has inspired our current project.

Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitors

Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitors (VSM) provide immediate access to accurate patient vitals (pulse oximetry, blood pressure and temperature) from the bedside. The system offers a wireless capability which allows data to be sent to directly to the EMR anytime from anywhere. The Connex VSM is an advanced, touch screen monitor featuring bright, vivid colors with minimal knobs or buttons for ease of cleaning.

Advanced Cardiac Imaging (ACI)

HITIC has partnered with Dr. Michael Poon to provide a forum for the public demonstration of the cutting edge capabilities of Advanced Cardiac Imaging (ACI) technologies. This includes the creation of a demonstration unit that will display the operations of ACI using a limited number of de-identified patient data to be processed as a simulation of direct multi-disciplinary patient care operation for the ACI imaging team. This project involves establishing a platform in the HITIC for systemic evaluation and integration of various advanced cardiovascular diagnostic imaging equipment to confirm clinical effectiveness. 

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Wayfinding 

Imagine if you could extend your smartphone’s GPS navigation capabilities to find your way around the Northwell Health campus. We are currently working on an app that could remember where you parked, route a wheelchair bound patient to handicap accessible paths, direct friends and family to a patient’s room, or guide visitors to the Gift Shop or Cafeteria. Through the use of BLE technology, it is now possible to show how these services could be delivered to our community.

RTLS (Real Time Location Services) Asset Management

You need it right now but you can’t find a wheelchair or an infusion pump? The patient’s family comes to visit and the patient is not in the room. Do these scenarios sound familiar? It’s just another “normal” day on the hospital floor. How can we find people and things when we need them? RTLS can solve this dilemma by using tags and sensors to identify and track “objects”. In addition to finding things, we can also determine how efficient we are by measuring the time spent in specific areas (e.g. How long does it take for a patient in ER to get to x-ray?).

AGE Reader 

Manufactured and developed by a company from Netherlands, Diagnoptics. AGE stands for Advanced Glycation End Products which are proteins or lipids that become glycated as a result of exposure to sugars. They can be a factor in in the development of many diseases. The AGE reader is a non-invasive monitoring device that uses UV light to excite auto fluorescence in human skin tissue from the AGEs. The measurement of AGEs provides an immediate cardiovascular risk prediction in 12 seconds and can also assist physicians in diagnosing and treating patients suffering from diabetes, renal failure and other disorders.