Clinical Research Programs for Emergency Medicine are conducted at Northwell Health's Department of Emergency Medicine. Based at North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, NY, our expanded programs cover a wide breadth of timely emergency medicine topics, ranging from public health concerns and graduate medical education evaluation to NIH-funded interventional clinical trials. The department was selected as a participating site for the “Protocolized Care for Early Septic Shock (ProCESS) Trial,” an NIH-funded clinical research study that evaluates three different treatments for septic shock. 

Another NIH-funded research study in the Clinical Research Program, entitled “Outcome of Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department after Minor Motor Vehicle Collision” and nicknamed the “CRASH” study, collects information from patients following motor vehicle collisions. The goal of this study is to develop genetic and psychological predictors of chronic pain and other psychological sequelae (pathological conditions resulting from a prior disease, injury or attack) that affect nearly one in six Americans.

The Clinical Research Program for Emergency Medicine has also developed several registry studies. One of these studies is "Sexual Assault Victims in the Emergency Department" or the SAVED study. SAVED seeks to identify demographics and exam characteristics of sexual assault survivors who present to the Emergency Department and are seen by a certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

Our research program also supports public health and quality improvement research initiatives. For the past two summers, the Academic Associates and Research Internship Programs have supported a "Patient Advocate" study and a "Smoking Cessation" study. The "Patient Advocate" study sought to analyze the effectiveness of Patient Advocates (individuals who provide non-clinical assistance to patients) on emergency patient satisfaction. The "Smoking Cessation" study explored whether our patient population believed the Emergency Department to be an appropriate environment to receive smoking cessation interventions.

Physicians in our Clinical Research Programs for Emergency Medicine are continually encouraged to pursue their own intellectual interests and ideas for future research. These ideas are discussed in bimonthly Research Committee meetings where physicians and research staff discuss the development of sound methodologies, statistical analyses and study implementation. For further information regarding the Clinical Research Program, please feel free to contact:

Jason D’Amore, MD
Research Director
Telephone: (516) 562-1237
Email: [email protected]

Mary Frances Ward, RN, MS, ANP
Senior Research Director
Telephone: (516) 562-2926
Email: [email protected]

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