1. How should I apply? 
    Please visit our Applications and Eligibility page
  2. What are the eligibility requirements? 
    Please visit our Applications and Eligibility page
  3. How many residents are in your program? 
    In order to preserve our commitment to an individualized and distinctive educational experience, we are limiting our program to four (4) residents in each year of postgraduate training, or a total of sixteen (16) across all four years of the psychiatric residency.
  4. When do you start accepting applications?
    September 15, when ERAS opens for applicants
  5. When do you strop accepting applications?
    Mid November
  6. When do you start interviewing? 
    Early October
  7. When do you stop interviewing? 
    End of November
  8. How many candidates do you interview?
    About 80
  9. How many positions do you have?
    At this time, we have 4 positions for each year
  10. If I am granted an interview, will you contact me? 
  11. If I am not granted an interview, will you contact me?
    Yes, via ERAS mail.
  12. At what point should I assume that I will not be granted an interview?
    If you have not heard from us by early December, you should assume that you will not receive an interview for this year.
  13. Do you accept international medical graduates? 
  14. Do you offer preliminary positions? 
  15. Do you offer categorical positions?  
  16. Do you offer a transitional year? 
  17. Do you offer couples matching?
    Yes. If you are granted an interview, please let us know at that time.
  18. In which matching programs do you participate? 
    NRMP only.
  19. Do you offer "prematching?"
  20. Are there specific USMLE/COMLEX score "cutoffs?" 
    No, but we generally look for candidates whose scores are at least "average." We are generally looking at scores at least 10 points above current minimum passing score and successfully passed on first attempt.
    1. With the exception of Step 2 CS (which is reported as Pass/Fail), USMLE results are reported on a 3-digit scale.
      1. The reported minimum passing scores for 2014 are as follows:
        1. Step 1: 192
        2. Step 2 CK: 209
        3. Step 3: 190
  21. Is there a specific graduation year "cutoff?" 
    There is no specific cutoff for your graduation year. However, we prefer candidates who have recently (within 5 years) graduated from or are currently in medical school or graduate medical training.
  22. Is USA experience required for international medical graduates?  
    Yes but exceptions are made on a case by case basis. See eligibility requirements.
  23. Do you observerships count towards USA experience?  
  24. Do you offer observerships or externships?
    Not at this time.
  25. Does a research rotation count towards USA experience? 
    No. We are looking for clinical experience. However, research experience is an important factor that we consider.
  26. Do you sponsor J1 and H1b visas?
    We sponsor both visas. 
  27. Should my personal statement follow any special format?
    No. However, you should address any gaps in schooling, training or employment.
  28. If I have more questions whom should I contact? 
    Please search through the remainder of our website to answer your questions. However, if you still have unanswered questions, please contact Joanna Rapuzzi at [email protected].

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