Residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Staten Island University Hospital

Message from the program director

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Residency Program in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Staten Island University Hospital.

Our program emphasizes excellence in all aspects of the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and includes the highest level of on-site training by highly qualified, board certified specialists and subspecialists in our discipline. We remain committed to your educational experience, and offer you seven hours per week of protected educational time to balance your clinical experience. In addition, you will participate in research under the guidance of our faculty.

Staten Island University Hospital is a member of the prestigious Northwell Health system, and is also a major academic affiliate of the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. We are very proud of our comprehensive curriculum and cutting-edge clinical and surgical program, which we successfully execute in a collegial and supportive environment where residents can flourish and grow both personally and professionally.

I invite you to visit and experience the outstanding opportunities that we offer. I congratulate you on your decision to enter into the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the most wonderful of all medical specialties.


Mitchell Maiman, MD
Chairman and Program Director 
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Staten Island University Hospital

About us

Length: 4 Years
Program Size: 4 Residents per year
The overall aim of the four-year residency curriculum is the comprehensive education and training of OB/GYN residents to be competent general practitioners able to provide experienced and coordinated health care to a broad range of women’s healthcare issues. The program’s educational experiences are designed to develop skills needed to practice high quality obstetrics & gynecology in the various different settings such as in a private practice or in a hospital based academic institution. OB/GYN residents will also been trained in the various OB/GYN subspecialties and will be develop the basic skills required to treat basic conditions in reproductive endocrinology, urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, and maternal fetal medicine. The curriculum will also prepare residents for a fellowship.
Clinical rotations blend a mixture of inpatient obstetrics & gynecology, including intensive care experience, with ambulatory OB/GYN in a multitude of settings. In addition to the education derived from direct patient care, a comprehensive didactic conference curriculum is utilized as well as various different simulations to ensure each resident receives a complete, well-rounded education.

Application process

All potential applicants are encouraged to apply through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). Applications are currently being accepted. Our program sponsors H-1 and J-1 visa and is a participant of the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). You may contact our residency coordinator, Linda Biondolillo, for more information.

Linda Biondolillo
Residency Coordinator, OB/GYN Residency Program
475 Seaview Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305
Tel: 718-226-8074
Fax: 718-226-6873
Email: [email protected]


Eligibility for residency program is determined on an individual basis. All applications should include:

  • A fully completed ERAS application
  • Official Medical School Transcript
  • Dean’s Letter
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • USMLE and/or COMLEX Scores
  • Prior/Current Research Activities and Publications
  • Personal Statement
  • ECFMG Certification (if applicable)
  • Photograph

Selected applicants will be invited to schedule an interview after review of their application. If you have been selected for an interview you will receive an email with information about how to make these arrangements. If granted an interview by the selection committee, you will be given:

  • A full overview of the residency program by the chairman
  • A tour of the facility
  • A question and answer session with our faculty and staff
  • An interview with the program director or other faculty member

Salary and benefits

Salary & Benefits

Resident Salary 2017-2018 Academic Year 

PGY-1: $70,000
PGY-2: $72,000
PGY-3: $74,000 
PGY-4: $75,500* 

*Chief Resident Differential: $2,500

Benefit Programs:
There is a flexible benefits program available for OB/GYN residents and their families. Medical, major medical, dental, vision and prescription plans are available. Long term disability insurance is also offered as income protection for illnesses and injury of prolonged duration. Residents are covered with life insurance in the amount of $100,000.00.

Residents are entitled to a 4-week paid vacation.

Parental Leave:
In recognizing the physiologic and psychologic needs of pregnant residents and residents with family illness requiring leaves of absence, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has policies to support these needs.

Housing, Call Rooms, Meals and Laundry:
Residents are able to secure desirable living quarters at a reasonable cost in a pleasant, suburban atmosphere near the Hospital. The Hospital will provide on call rooms during duty hours. A $1,000.00 meal allowance is included in the Resident/Fellow's annual salary. Each Resident/Fellow will be issued long white coats and scrubs, which will be stored and laundered by the uniform room.

Clinical rotations



Night Float




Emergency Medicine




Reproductive Endocrinology

Surgical ICU

Breast Health

Night Float


Maternal Fetal Medicine




Night Float


Night Float



Gynecologic Oncology


Obstetrics Rotation

Approximately 3,000 deliveries are performed annually at Staten Island University hospital.  As a PGY 1, you will be responsible for admitting and managing laboring patients as well as performing vaginal deliveries. You will also perform primary cesarean deliveries. As your skills develop and improve, you will be given more responsibilities. At all times, you will be directly supervised by your senior residents as well as the in-house attending physician and our voluntary attending physicians.
Our full time MFM specialists are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have a full service neonatal intensive care which allows us to provide care for premature infants.

Gynecology Rotation

We perform approximately 1,800 gynecologic surgical cases annually in our three different operating room sites. As a first year resident, you will be trained in performing basic ambulatory gynecologic surgical procedures such as Dilatation and Curettage, Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopies, and Laparoscopic Surgeries. You will be trained in more advanced surgical procedures as you progress in the program. We will train in you in advanced open, vaginal, and laparoscopic surgery as well as in Robotic Surgery.

PGY 1 Ultrasound Rotation

Early in your first year, you will have a dedicated rotation to teach the essentials of sonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology. You will learn,hands-on, how to properly perform and interpret sonograms under the direct supervision of our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist as well as our full time sonographers. 

Night Float

Each PGY level will be required to work nights. During this rotation, the night team will be responsible for managing the labor floor. In addition, the team will be responsible for all emergency consultations and surgery. As always, there is an in-house board certified attending physician who will directly supervise the house staff. Our program strictly adheres to the ACGME duty hours regulations as well as the New York State 405 regulations.

Gynecologic Oncology

In your 4th year, you will have a concentrated 3 month rotation in Gyn Oncology where you will perform major and minor oncologic cases directly with our Gyn Oncology Team. There is a wide array of pathology and you will be exposed to all aspects of the specialty including major radical surgeries, laparoscopy, robotic surgery, radiation therapy, and intravenous and intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

Reproductive Endocrinology

In your 2nd year, you will have a concentrated 3 month rotation in Reproductive Endocrinology where you will work directly with our REI faculty. You will rotate in the outpatient setting and learn all aspects of reproductive endocrinology and infertility. You will also operate directly with our faculty members and learn basic and advanced surgical techniques in reproductive endocrinology.


In this rotation you will rotate in the outpatient and inpatient settings. You will learn how to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. You will be exposed to outpatient procedure such as urodynamics and cystoscopy. You will also learn how to perform basic and complex vaginal surgeries and pelvic reconstruction.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

In your 3rd year, you will rotate with our 2 full time MFM specialists and manage the high risk patients – both inpatient and outpatient. During this rotation, you will learn advanced sonography skills. You will learn to perform amniocentesis and perform hysterosonograms. You will be exposed to a wide array of medical complications of pregnancy and learn how to properly diagnose and manage them. 

Off Service Rotations

During your 4 year residency you will have off service rotations in Emergency Medicine, Neonatal Intensive Care, Breast Health, and Surgical Intensive Care. All these rotations are designed to enhance your education and skills in areas that are typically encountered by the Ob/Gyn physician. You will be directly supervised by faculty in each respective area while on the off service rotation.


Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology requires rigorous clinical training at the bed side as well as in the Operating Room. However, it also requires a comprehensive didactic and academic program. We accomplish this with the following:

  1. 7 Hours per week of protected time for daily didactic lectures. During this time, clinical activity is covered by our physician assistants. 
    1. Monday 7am – 8am
    2. Tuesday 7am – 8am
    3. Wednesday 8am – 10am Divisional Conference & Grand Rounds
    4. Thursday 7am – 9am Simulation lab from 8am – 9am
    5. Friday 7am – 8am
  2. Journal Club once a month
  3. Mandatory Research Project
  4. Board Review Classes
  5. Weekly web based didactic reading assignments (Challenger Program)
  6. Oral examination administered twice a year

Our comprehensive academic curriculum has consistently resulted in 100% board pass rate.


During your residency you will be exposed to various different simulated clinical scenarios in our Patient Safety Institute which is a state-of-the-art simulation facility located in our hospital. In this facility you will practice and hone your skills in various obstetrical emergencies. You will also have simulations in laparoscopic surgery and sonography. 

The institute ensures that our residents get experience in a wide array of rare emergencies thereby alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with taking care of critically ill patients who have unfamiliar conditions. Our residents have found this resource to be a great asset to their education.


All residents are required to complete at least one research project. Many of our residents have presented their research in local, regional, or national conferences. In addition, some of the projects have resulted in publications in peer reviewed journal. Staten Island University Hospital is committed to support residents in research related activities and hold an annual institutional research day where many of the top research endeavors are presented in an oral or poster fashion. In addition, the department of Ob/Gyn has its own research day where our chief residents present the research project to the rest of our department.

Living on Staten Island

Staten Island University Hospital is located in Staten Island  NY, a borough of New York City, just 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan. The location is ideal for its close proximity to Manhattan along with the ability to enjoy suburban life. Our faculty and residents live in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey.

Not quite as diminutive as you might expect. Staten Island's 480,000 population makes it the smallest of New York City's five boroughs, yet larger than such metropolitan centers as Buffalo, Memphis, Oakland, and Albuquerque. The most suburban of the boroughs, Staten Island, according to recent US Census figures, has the lowest  Median age and the highest median income. The borough blends grand old neighborhoods with modern city life...without the hassle of the nearby urban center. Still, it is no more than a half-hour from the vibrant and varied opportunities of Manhattan.

Within its 64 square miles are more acres of parks and recreation lands than any other New York City borough; four golf courses, Staten Island Yankees baseball, boating, beaches, sport fishing and reflective vistas.

Its cultural life thrives at historic sites, centers for the performing and creative arts, local theatre companies, specialty museums, and the Staten Island Zoo. Houses of worship for all faiths are also conveniently located, and elementary and secondary school education is among the finest in the city.

In addition, Staten island University Hospital is the Island's largest employer, bringing together 5,700 people in a culturally diverse community.

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