At the Department of Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, we recognize the urgent need for primary care physicians. To meet this need, we offer a Primary Care Track that complements our Internal Medicine Residency program with enhanced and focused training for physicians with a desire to practice community-based general internal medicine. The aim of this program is to develop and support primary care providers who offer comprehensive, compassionate, efficient and evidence-based care to the communities they serve.

Program overview

The principal goals of the program are to:

  • Provide systematic clinical and didactic training in health maintenance, disease prevention, and culturally competent diagnostic and therapeutic care in the outpatient setting
  • Provide opportunities to work with subspecialists and a range of practitioners in multispecialty settings
  • Provide longitudinal private physician mentorship
  • Provide career development and support
  • Provide ample exposure and guidance in performing common ambulatory procedures
  • Develop skills in qualitative research, practice improvement, and quality improvement
  • Develop skills in patient and community education
  • Support individual development and implementation of a practice or quality improvement project for our main ambulatory site
  • Support group development and implementation of a primary care reading curriculum


Director: Becky Mazurkiewicz, MD, MPH

Dr. Mazurkiewicz completed her undergraduate training at the University of Michigan and medical school at Georgetown University School of Medicine before moving to the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City to complete an internal medicine residency, a general internal medicine fellowship and a Master’s in Public Health. She is currently the director of the Primary Care Track of the Internal Medicine Residency and the site director for the Acting Internship at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Chief Senior Resident (AY 2017-2018): Victoria Cimino, MD

Dr. Cimino graduated from the University of Richmond where she majored in psychology with minors in chemistry, Spanish, and biomedical sciences. She received her MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and her MPH from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia. She is currently a third-year resident in the Primary Care Track at Lenox Hill Hospital. Her interests include healthcare management, healthcare policy, and infectious diseases. She is thrilled to serve as this year’s Primary Care Track chief senior resident, serving as a liaison between the residents and the primary care faculty, coordinating and mentoring primary care residents’ academic endeavors, and keeping our residents up to date with the latest in evidence-based primary care via a monthly chief’s newsletter and journal club.


Three Primary Care positions will be offered at each academic level. Trainees may enter the Lenox Hill Primary Care Track through the NRMP Match or apply to transfer into the program by the completion of PGY1 if space is available at the discretion of the director of the Primary Care Track.  Participants should be prepared to engage in all aspects of the track and are required to attend all didactics when not on vacation, night float, or ICU, as well as participate in all track projects.


Trainees will fulfill all Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirements and become eligible for the American Board of Internal Medicine certification by the completion of the program. In addition to the internal medicine residency completion certificate, a certificate will be granted indicating completion of the Primary Care Track. Letters of reference and career development for future professional positions will indicate the unique focus of the Primary Care Program.

Clinical experience

Primary Care Track participants have the same number of required inpatient blocks as the categorical residents do; however, during ambulatory blocks, PGY2 and PGY3, Primary Care residents have four continuity sessions, one private office session, two special sessions, and two academic sessions.  

Private office sessions

During the ambulatory block, Primary Care Track participants will spend one session per week in the office of a seasoned private practitioner. Such an experience will allow residents another opportunity for continuity in ambulatory patient care as well as the ability to view and participate in the inter-workings of a private office.

Primary care selective

Each academic year, residents will participate in a two-week primary care selective block, which will replace one inpatient block. During this rotation, you will work with your private office mentor as you would during an ambulatory block; however, you will also be given the opportunity to spend time working with practitioners who specialize in adjacent fields such as the Lenox Hill House Calls Program, wound care, nursing home/rehabilitation services, dermatology and more. Residents are also welcome to explore similar experiences that they have arranged for themselves - for example, previous residents have scheduled a time to shadow at an alternative medicine office and at the Department of Health.

Primary care senior resident

As a PGY3, you will have the opportunity to act as a preceptor in the clinic. In this role, you will guide and educate a PGY1 as they formulate an assessment and plan from their HPI, physical exam, and review of the current medical records, including medication reconciliation. Through both observing and reviewing your colleague's patient interactions, you will facilitate the development of core clinical skills, knowledge and competencies. The resident preceptor will be responsible for guiding pharmacotherapy decisions, patient counseling, and monitoring of drug therapy, with the purpose of optimizing therapeutic outcomes for a given patient and assisting the PGY1 in carrying out the plan afterward. An attending will co-sign the note at the end of the encounter after discussion with you and the PGY1 you are supervising.

Didactics and workshops

Monthly, Primary Care Track residents meet as a group in order to participate in track-specific education, support, and guidance.  The content of meetings varies on a monthly basis but can include primary care-related didactics, skill- and career-building workshops, and/or guidance on ambulatory academic projects that are not otherwise covered in such depth in the categorical ambulatory curriculum.  Meetings last roughly one and a half to two hours, generally begin at 5:30 pm to facilitate attendance, and include an MKSAP question discussion and journal club.

Meetings are mandatory except for those rotating in the ICU, night float or vacation.  Previous topics for primary care didactics include health literacy, billing, and coding, hormone replacement therapy, contraception, smoking cessation, wound care, healthcare navigation, nutrition and weight management, incontinence, podiatric care, and ostomy care.  Previous topics for primary care workshops include resident teaching skills, CV dissection, job search and interviewing, finger stick glucose checks and insulin administration, incision and drainage, basic ambulatory suturing, knee arthrocentesis and injection, breast and pelvic exams, splinting and bracing, bladder scanning, and dermatologic shave and punch biopsies. 

Lenox Hill Hospital has purchased a patient care simulator for ambulatory procedures, which is utilized in track meetings.

Ambulatory quality improvement

Primary care track participants are required to choose an ambulatory topic as the subject of one of their two required academic projects during their residency.  Participants are given an introduction to quality improvement and practice-based learning improvement initiatives, evidence-based medicine and qualitative research to assist them in this endeavor. Mentorship on such a project will be provided by any member of the ambulatory faculty and time is provided during primary care track monthly didactics to discuss progress and obtain feedback from the group. It is expected that the results of this project will be submitted as an abstract to a regional or national conference, if not for publication.

Mentorship and career development

In addition to the skill- and career-building workshops mentioned above, each Primary Care Track participant meets with the director of the track biannually for feedback related to meeting track objectives and to ensure he or she is appropriately progressing toward his or her career goals.

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