At our off-site outpatient facilities, residents provide outpatient services and establish their own continuity-of-care practices under full time faculty supervision. Continuity of care is emphasized with residents scheduled to see the same panel of patients over the course of the three-year training period. Our new 6-2 curriculum is set on a fixed schedule where second and third year residents rotate on six weeks of inpatient followed by two weeks of ambulatory. There are weekly didactics that occur on Wednesdays from 9am - 12pm. Topics discussed include:

  • Ambulatory lectures by faculty
  • Problem Based Learning Initiative
  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Journal Club
  • Johns Hopkins modules review

Residents can choose from 15 different templates that maximize subspecialty exposure. Electives in the outpatient setting allow the residents to experience the full range of subspecialty practice. There are also weekly simulation sessions led by a hospitalist and a chief resident where the interns participate in an interactive module on how to approach and manage an acutely sick patient.

Continuity Clinic Experience

The goal of continuity clinic for the resident physician is two-fold:

  • To provide quality medical care to the community
  • To gain a working understanding of outpatient medicine

As a resident at Lenox Hill Hospital you will achieve these goals at one of three outpatient, off-site locations:

  • Lenox Hill Medicine (LHM)
  • Retroviral Disease Center (RDC)
  • Queens Long Island Medical Group

Lenox Hill Medicine
178 East 85th Street (at 3rd Ave)

Lenox Hill Medicine (LHM) is a brand new practice that is run by the residents and Lenox Hill Hospital faculty. Established in September 2009, this practice was created with the Lenox Hill residents in mind. The practice is located on 85th street at 3rd Avenue, just a short walk from Lenox Hill Hospital. There are many exciting features to this resident-run clinic: fully electronic scheduling which allows easy continuity with patients; newly renovated, spacious office with new exam rooms each with its own computer; a large preceptor/resident room with computers and ample space for teaching; point of care INR and Hg A1C. Perhaps the best part of this clinic is the ability to have hospital to clinic continuity. If you have a service patient in the hospital - you can set up a follow-up appointment outpatient for your patient.

Retroviral Disease Clinic (RDC) at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital (MEETH)
210 East 64th Street (btw 2nd/3rd Aves)

This clinic rotation provides a unique experience to the resident. With the advent of increasingly effective antiretroviral medications a once swiftly lethal disease has become a chronic disease requiring close follow-up by a physician knowledgeable in the intricacies of HIV/AIDS management. RDC is a specialty clinic that provides its patients with extremely close monitoring via office visits framed around the patient's diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, whether they be newly diagnosed or have been followed for a decade. During your time at RDC you will follow patients with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS and learn how to manage a patient with HIV/AIDS, which includes all of the comorbid conditions that come with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. RDC is located at MEETH, which has excellent infrastructure and is located a short distance from Lenox Hill Hospital. MEETH has in-house phlebotomy so that the patient can have all labwork in a timely and convenient manner. The resident will have a thorough understanding of HIV diagnosis, management of all comorbidities including opportunistic infections, a thorough understanding of antiretroviral medications, and how to manage psychosocial issues encountered by those with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS.

Queens Long Island Medical Group (QLIMG)
31-75 23rd Street, Astoria

Queens Long Island Medical Group (QLIMG) is the newest addition to our ambulatory sites. It is the largest physician-owned and operated medical practice group in the tri-state area. Our residents benefit greatly from rotating through this multi-specialty site as it serves a unique urban population. Residents will gain experience in a patient-centered primary and specialty care in a friendly, professional environment. QLIMG has in-office diagnostics, x-ray capability and lab work on site. There is also a fully implemented EMR system that provides instant access to the most current, comprehensive patient information.

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