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Medical student clerkship

The Department of Anesthesiology offers a four-week elective designed to provide an in-depth introduction to Anesthesiology for fourth-year students. Each student will work one-on-one with an attending Anesthesiologist. Special emphasis will be placed on clinical skills with progressive responsibility assigned to each student. Exposure to many sub-specialty areas including Obstetric, Pediatric, Neurosurgical and Cardiovascular Anesthesia are available to meet individual interests. Students will be involved in preoperative evaluation, preparation of patients for anesthesia and surgery, choice of anesthetic agents and techniques, airway management, physiologic alterations relating to surgery and the patient's medical condition, pharmacology of the drugs used by anesthesiologists, and common techniques in regional anesthesia. In addition to clinical activities, the student is required to attend and participate in weekly departmental Grand Rounds, Morbidity and Mortality, and Quality Improvement conferences.

Zucker School of Medicine is using the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) to receive visiting student applications for the 2017-2018 academic year.  This service is available to MD students enrolled in a U.S. LCME accredited school. 

To apply, please complete and send us a VSAS application with your preferred dates.

For specific questions about this clerkship, please contact the Student Coordinator in the Department of Anesthesiology.

Resident research

Description of Research opportunities and resources- The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is the research branch of Northwell Health and is headquartered in Manhasset, NY. The Institute is composed of more than 1,500 clinicians, scientists and staff who work in laboratories and clinical research programs in collaboration with clinicians and patients throughout the many facilities of Northwell Health. Every year, more than 15,000 patients and volunteers participate in over 2,000 research studies. Residents interested in research may participate in any of the ongoing research projects in the department, or develop one of their own under the guidance of a research mentor. Qualified residents may also submit an application for the advanced research track during the CA-2 year to perform up to 6 uninterrupted months of full time research during their elective time in the CA-3 year.

Simulation center

The Northwell Health Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) is now the second largest facility in the country devoted exclusively to medical simulation and patient safety. The simulation lab includes PC-based interactive, high fidelity, digitally enhanced mannequins, and partial and full body task trainers, including TEE simulation. Full-scale patient simulators, including SimMan, SimBaby, TraumaSim, Noelle for managing obstetric emergencies, and Hal 3000 Mobile Team Trainer will help residents diagnose and manage clinical problems. Training scenarios replicate situations in the environments anesthesia residents are taught such as the critical care unit, emergency department, operating room, and labor and delivery suite. Simulation is scheduled at frequent intervals throughout the academic year to supplement both clinical and nonclinical instruction.

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