Medical Oncology/Hematology Fellowship Program

The Medical Oncology/Hematology Fellowship Program is our dual certification (both hematology and medical oncology) clinical training program. Each year, there are five medical oncology/hematology positions offered. This is a three-year comprehensive clinical training program with many opportunities in clinical, translational and basic science research. Fellows will have the opportunity to work with our clinical research program and enroll patients in clinical trials. They will also work closely with a research mentor to develop their own research interests and projects.

The Monter Cancer Center, the principal site for the clinical fellowship training, is a major component of the Northwell Health Cancer Institute with over 200 affiliated physicians and research scientists. Our medical oncology/hematology physicians are organized in disease teams specializing in various solid and liquid tumors and benign hematology. Our faculty works closely with other colleagues in the Cancer Institute, including those from surgical oncology, radiation medicine, pathology and radiology, as well as the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). They participate in over 100 clinical trials to provide the best and most advanced care for their patients. Research in our institution includes laboratory-based study, translational investigation, and the largest selection of advanced clinical trials on Long Island. Our research efforts are enhanced by our collaboration with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Training outline

The Medical Oncology/Hematology Fellowship Program will provide extensive experience through a variety of settings, including inpatient rotations, outpatient rotations, research rotations and the fellow’s continuity clinic.

Inpatient rotations include:

  • North Shore University Hospital Hematology Consult Service
  • Long Island Jewish Medical Center Hematology Consult Service
  • North Shore University Hospital Oncology Consult Service
  • Long Island Jewish Medical Center Oncology Consult Service
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Service
  • 7 Monti Leukemia and Lymphoma Service

During the inpatient rotations, the fellow will develop into the role of the consultant and improve communication skills with patients, families, other physicians and healthcare providers. The inpatient rotation allows the fellow to go through the process of differential to confirmed diagnoses, as well as the management of acute complications due to patients’ underlying malignancies and their treatments. The fellow serves as the leader of the team. As a leader, the fellow is expected to assist in the teaching of medical students and residents on the rotation. Informal educational activities during the rotations will focus on continuous updating and monitoring of fellows’ knowledge base while emphasizing the philosophy of lifelong learning.

Outpatient rotations include:

  • Radiation Medicine
  • Hematopathology
  • CLL Program
  • Blood Banking
  • Treatment Room Monter Cancer Center
  • Assigned Disease Site Specific Ambulatory Rotations at Monter Cancer Center

Inpatient consult service rotations decrease from the first year to the third year for all clinical trainees, while outpatient experiences increase over the course of the three years. In each rotation, fellows participate in both initial consultations and longitudinal follow-up visits.

Continuity clinic

All fellows participate in the fellows continuity clinic weekly. Cases are assigned beginning the first year of training. These patients will be followed longitudinally for the duration of the fellowship under the supervision of an attending hematologist/oncologist. Fellows are responsible for all aspects of the patient’s care, including diagnosis, evaluation, ordering tests, treatments, patient follow-up and communication. First year fellows have one half day of continuity clinic each week. This increases in frequency to up to three half day sessions of continuity clinic by the third year of training. ACGME requires participation in continuity clinic for all trainees throughout the three years.

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