The family medicine residents at Southside hospital come from around the country, each bringing unique experiences to the program. Our trainee’s goals and aspirations help to strengthen the care we provide and the educational offerings we make available. Following graduation, our residents have gone on to fulfilling careers in private practice, academics, research and hospital-based medicine across the globe and quite often within Northwell Health.

Our residents at a glance

Resident Profile Summer 2016


Total number of residents


Number of male residents


Number of female residents


Percentage of residents that identify as a racial or ethnic minority



Geographic Profile Summer 2016*


New York State


Outside of NYS                                                                           




Past graduates

Northwell Health has an extensive alumni network. Our past graduates serve as a resource to current trainees for educational development as well as career assistance. Following graduation, our trainees have gone on to a number of areas within their chosen specialty, including private practice, ambulatory medicine, hospital medicine,  academics, administration, global health, nursing home care, etc.  Some of our graduates have gone onto one of the several fellowship programs available to family medicine physicians : sports medicine, hospice & palliative care, adolescent medicine, sleep medicine, geriatrics, integrative medicine, to name a few. Our goal is to train our residents to be the best family physicians capable of practicing in whichever career they eventually choose. 

Did you know…

...residents interested in academic medicine can receive a PhD from the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine at the Feinstein Institute?

The residents in the family medicine training program at Southside Hospital each come with unique experiences, goals and accomplishments. What unifies them is their passion for caring for others.


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