Introduction to clinical practice (ICP)

The Introduction to clinical practice (ICP) orientation program is the systemwide standard for orientation of registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The program focuses on disseminating best practices, establishing a common language for communication, enhancing clinical practice, and validating competency.

The ICP orientation program incorporates a blended learning approach using didactic, E-learning, recreated patient care scenarios, and case studies. High fidelity simulation at the Patient Safety Institute, one of the largest simulation centers in the country, is also a standard component of orientation. Both new graduate and experienced clinicians learn and work collaboratively in ICP, a best practice strategy aimed at promoting safety in patient care settings across the health system.

Patient support team orientation (PST)

The Patient Support Team orientation program is the system wide standard for support team members, including nurse aides, patient care associates, technicians, mental health workers, medical office assistants, and patient service navigators. The program focuses on educating participants about best practices, establishing a common language for communication, validating competency, and enhancing practice.

This program uses recreated patient care scenarios that take place at the bedside in the simulation lab. The systemwide core set of competencies are reviewed and competency is validated. All participants in this program have an opportunity to learn, practice, correct and validate skills before ever coming in contact with an actual patient.