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Northwell Health recognizes the importance of lifelong learning. Evidence shows a strong relationship between education and improved patient outcomes. Nurses are strongly encouraged to continue their education and take advantage of the Northwell Health tuition reimbursement program.

All nurses hired as of September 1, 2010, who do not have a BSN must enroll in an accredited bachelor’s degree in nursing program within 24 months of their hire date and earn their degree within five years.

Northwell Health currently has many affiliation agreements with accredited colleges/universities, both locally and nationally. There also are ongoing onsite programs for registered nurses seeking the bachelor’s degree in nursing and for nurses seeking a master’s degree in nursing.

Out-of-state advance clinical nursing degree programs and clinical placement

Out-of-state advance clinical nursing degree programs (e.g., NP, CRNA, CNM, etc.) must be registered with the New York State Department of Education (NYS-DOE) to participate in clinical experiences in New York State. To determine if your college/university is registered with NYS-DOE visit: http://www.nysed.gov/heds/irpsl1.html

Disclaimer: The completion of a nursing affiliation agreement cannot be guaranteed or guaranteed within a specific timeframe.

Clinical placements and preceptorships

To obtain individual clinical placements or preceptorships:

  1. Students must contact their school for the procedure for setting up clinical placements
  2. When the school supplies contacts and preceptor opportunites, students may proceed as directed
  3. When students must identify their own preceptor contacts:
    1. Students must contact the individual hospital or site’s education department/identified nursing leader for futher information on available preceptors/clinical opportunties in the clinical area of your interest/required by their school program.
    2. Individual preceptors will need to agree (verbally and in writing) to accept students
  4. If an agreement is obtained:
    1. Students must supply information to their school office which verifies clinical placement with necessary contract information
    2. School will verify existing Northwell Health and school’s nursing affiliation agreement (refer to nursing affiliation agreements section of this website) and send a letter of agreement to preceptor for school term
    3. The letter of agreement signed by the preceptor and student are returned to the school.
    4. Students must meet all requirements set by Northwell Health through Human Resources, complete the online nursing student orientation, and fulfill health assessment requirements (including but not limited to flu vaccination status).

If you would like to request more information on preceptorships fill out this form.

Nursing school affiliation agreements

A nursing clinical experience in New York State must have an affiliation agreement between the school and clinical facility/agency. Students must contact their school to determine if such an agreement exists with Northwell Health. If an agreement does not exist, the school may contact the Institute for Nursing (IFN) to begin the process of developing an affiliation agreement. The student is responsible for following up with the appropriate school faculty member to facilitate the completion of the affiliation agreement as well as the fulfillment of all educational requirements.

Colleges or universities interested in developing a Northwell Health System nursing school affiliation agreement should contact: 
Tonya Lawrence, RN – Institute for Nursing -System Educator 
Phone: 718-470-8806
Email address: [email protected]

Students interested in identifying colleges/universities and nursing programs that have a Northwell Health nursing school affiliation agreement should contact their school.

Faculty and nursing student orientation program

Nursing students and faculty must complete an on-line nursing faculty and nursing student on-line orientation.

The orientation has three parts:

After you review the module please take the post-test and sign the attestation statement. Your instructor will review the test with you and answer any questions about the material. You will need to give these completed documents to your instructor/faculty member before the first clinical day.

Faculty clinical affiliation documentation tools  

Nursing faculty must complete the “Faculty Clinical Affililiation Documentation Tools.” 

Flu portal

All nursing faculty and nursing students participating in clinical/field experiences at a Northwell Health site (including physician’s offices, home care, ambulatory centers, etc.) must have their flu status entered into the flu portal.

A school respresentative will enter the faculty and students’ information, prior to beginning the clinical/field experience. 

To set-up a flu portal username and password please contact:

Contact: Tonya Lawrence, RN – Institute for Nursing -System Educator 
Phone: 718-470-8806
Email address: [email protected]

400 Lakeville Road, Ste. 170 , 170
New Hyde Park, New York 11042
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