Compliance videos

Corporate compliance pizza trinkets
This video portrays the Northwell policy about receiving trinkets, food and gifts from vendors.

Community service
This video highlights the importance of encrypting all mobile devices, including but not limited to, laptops, flash drives, cell phones and tablets.

This video portrays tips and tricks about cyber scams, social engineering and phishing.

Informational video regarding the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) P&P 700.01

Fair warning
This video portrays the Fair warning monitoring software for identifying inappropriate access to applications, such as the EMR.

The video provides an overview on faxing of PHI and references Northwell Health Corporate Compliance Policy 800.02, Use Access and Disclosure of PHI, 800.42

Identity theft, stolen face sheets
This video portrays the federal offense of stealing PHI and the consequences.

Medical identity theft
Informational video that provides an overview of the impacts of Medical identity theft.  The video references Northwell's zero tolerance for mishandling or mistreatment of confidential information.

Medical device encryption
This video portrays the importance of encrypting devices in alignment with Northwell Health Policy 900.25, Data Encryption and Integrity 

Own it
This video portrays the importance of protecting confidentiality and taking accountability for protecting our patients PHI.

Patient Snooping
This video shows that viewing medical records outside the scope of your job, whether paper or electronic, is a HIPAA violation. 

PHI disposal
This video outlines the protocol for proper disposal of PHI.

Returning billing calls
The video underscores the importance or returning patient calls, timely breach notification to Corporate Compliance and timely response to the OCR.

Social media
Informational video that outlines the importance of not discussing patients or PHI on social media, as it is a HIPAA violation.

Stark law
This video provides an overview of the Stark Law.

There's a policy for that
This video highlights several different policies about handling PHI.

This video highlights the Northwell's updated policy to allow vendors onsite, as well as not allowing gifts or food from vendors.

Why did I do it - Part one
This video highlights the consequences of inappropriately accessing medical records.  

Why did I do it - Part two
This video highlights the consequences of stealing patient's PHI.

OIG false claims act
The video provides an overview of the False Claims Act. 

Eye on oversight: Kickbacks to physicians
This OIG video provides an overview on physician kickbacks.  

Student orientation

Prior to clinical experiences at our hospitals and facilities, it is necessary for students to complete the following orientation program: