Physics equipment inventory at Northwell Health:

QA Devices:

  • Landauer Microstar Reader : OSL radiation dosimeter reader
  • PTW-Octavius  T40051: chamber & phantom system for rotational IMRT QA
  • PTW-Quickcheck T42031: wireless daily linac QA device, constancy check of all essential beam parameters 
  • PTW-Starcheck Maxi T10033: chamber matrix system to measure high resolution star profiles for fields up to 40 cm x 40 cm 
  • PTW LA48  T34009:  linear chamber array designed for dynamic field dosimetry measurements of virtual wedges and multileaf collimators
  • PTW-David T16029: IMRT pre-treatment QA in vivo dose verification
  • PTW 2D array T10024: Ion chamber array with 729 ion chambers for IMRT plan verification and LINAC QA

Chambers and Electrometers

  • PRM Electrometer SH-1
  • Keithley Electrometer 602
  • Keithley Delta Precision Electrometer Attachment 255
  • CNMC Electrometer K602
  • Exradin Thimble Chamber A-1
  • Exradin Spokes 0.6cc Chamber P-2
  • Exradin "Shokai" Chamber A3
  • Exradin Micro Chamber
  • PTW PP Chamber M23343.392
  • PTW Diode TN60008
  • PTW Micro Chamber TN31006
  • PTW Chamber N31005
  • PTW Water Proof Farmer Type Chamber TN30013
  • PTW Water Proof Scanning Chamber TN31010
  • PTW Holder for Stop Thimbles
  • Nuclear Associates Scanning Chamber M233641
  • Nuclear Associates 30-404 Memorial PP MPPK
  • Standard Imaging Electrometer MAX 4000
  • Memorial PP Chamber PC-59
  • Memorial PP Chamber WPC-55
  • Memorial PP Chamber WPC-72
  • Water Proofing Cover SH-06C
  • Wellhofer Diode DEB 010
  • Keithley Electrometer 35040: therapy dosimeter is used in calibration dosimetry, quality assurance, and diagnostic testing of linear accelerators


  • Standard Imaging Phantom QCKV-1 71450
  • Standard Imaging Phantom QC3 7135
  • Blue IMRT Phantom
  • RMI Electron Density Phantom 465
  • Polystyrene: 3cm Plate W/ Farmer chamber plug
  • Polystyrene: 2.5cm Plate W/ Farmer chamber plug
  • Polystyrene: 3cm Plate W/ Farmer chamber plug
  • Polystyrene: 2.3cm Plate W/ PP chamber plug
  • Polystyrene: 1.02cm Plate W/ PP chamber plug
  • Polystyrene: Two 5cm Plates
  • Polystyrene: Two 2cm Plates
  • Polystyrene: Three 1mm Plates
  • Polystyrene: 1cm Plate
  • Polystyrene: 0.5cm Plate
  • Sun Nuclear Poly for Profiler: 1.7cm
  • Sun Nuclear Poly for Profiler: 0.9cm
  • Acrylic: Three 5cm Plate
  • Acrylic: 5cm Rectangular Plate
  • Solid Water: PP Chamber Plate
  • Solid Water: 2cm Plate
  • Solid Water: 2.5cm Plate
  • Solid Water: Two 5cm Plates
  • Solid Water: Calibration Check Phantom 458
  • Solid Plastic: 2.5cm Plate
  • Solid Plastic: Three 5cm Plates
  • Solid Plastic: Two 8cm Plates
  • Nuclear Associates: Multi Chamber Plate
  • Anatomic Phantom - Female Torso with plugs

Water Tanks and Accessories

  • PTW Scanning Tank -Med T41002
  • PTW Electrometer for Array T16026
  • PTW TG51 Tank T41031
  • PTW Control Unit for MP3  41013: electronic device for an automatic control of the detector position in PTW water phantoms via RS232 interface
  • PTW Tandem Electrometer  T10013: Dual channel electrometer
  • 2 PTW Cables with Tank 726005
  • PTW Control Unit for MP3 41013
  • PTW Electrometer T10015
  • Densitometer - Xrite 301
  • 6 BNC Cables
  • PTW-MP1 Scanning Water Tank T41024


  • Technical Problem Reports: Reporting, tracking and analyzing technical problems with equipment such as linacs, CT scanners, etc.
  • QA Incident Monitoring: QA incident reporting and analysis database, used for Root Cause Analysis and tracking of QA issues.
  • Physics Workflow Whiteboard: Tracks all patient plans as they proceed though steps in the planning and verification process. Used to monitor plan progress and staff workload distribution.
  • Physics Equipment Tracking: Tracks and inventories physics laboratory equipment by physical location (among multiple hospital sites), equipment type, calibration due dates and working condition.
  • New Policies and Procedures: Database for proposing, reviewing, editing, and finalizing new department policies and procedure documents.
  • Nanodot Tracking: Tracks and analyzes nanodot microdosimeter readings for all patient treatments in department.
  • Electron Cutouts Database: Catalogues electron cutout shapes, measured output factor values  and related parameters for clinically used cutouts.


  • Wellhoffer Measuring Scintillator
  • 4 Sun Nuclear Power/Data Interface
  • 9 Polystyrene Buildup Caps
  • Brass Buildup Caps
  • Radionics Winston Lutz
  • Red Liquid Filled Thermometers
  • Digital Level
  • Protractor
  • 1mm lead for TG51
  • 4 Personal Dosimeters

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