SimWARS is a competition that challenges interprofessional clinical healthcare teams to compete against each other in simulated patient scenarios. Teams apply to participate and are chosen through a robust application process. An expert panel examining the areas of teamwork, communication and clinical decision-making constructively critiques each team’s performance. The judges’ panel is comprised of content experts. Members of the audience, who also view the scenarios in real time, vote for the winner of each case using an audience response system based on their direct observation and the panel’s input. Each medical case is a mystery for the team until they enter the patient’s room, and they must rely on their professional knowledge and experience to treat the patient appropriately.

The inaugural SimWARS competition was held in September 2010; it is held annually at the PSI. In 2012, the competition expanded to include a regional competitor in the finals, allowing the organization’s interprofessional teams to demonstrate their abilities amongst a winner from a different SimWARS competition.

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