Learning initiatives

Learning initiatives


The Center for Learning and Innovation utilizes hands-on, interactive programs including simulations, games, reflective debriefing, interactive technology, role playing, and group activities to guide learners in best practices. 


As part of the organization's onboarding program, the Center for Learning and Innovation conducts a daylong experience for all newly hired employees and physicians, called Beginnings. This session is modeled after Disney's successful orientation approach and immerses new employees into the culture, capturing their hearts from day one. Designed to build a team dedicated to transforming care through carrying out Northwell Health's mission, vision, values and expectations, Beginnings welcomes and inspires the workforce for excellence.
President and CEO Michael Dowling has been committed to these programs since their inception and believes that employees are the heart and soul of every great organization. Because of his personal conviction, Mr. Dowling welcomes new employees to the organization's culture, reviews the organization's purpose and strengths, instills a sense of the health system's culture and inspires all to take pride in their work at Northwell Health.
Beginnings is facilitated every Monday by a team of leaders, including previous members of the High Potential Development Program, who guide the new employees through an engaging series of videos and interactive exercises, while emphasizing the role that each team member plays in delivering an exceptional patient experience. Participants receive an overview of the tools Northwell Health offers to help transform their careers, including an in-depth session about performance management and professional development opportunities. Attendees also receive information and benefits, wellness programs and other resources offered for work-life balance.
Physician Beginnings is a specialized orientation program held monthly, which is geared specifically for physicians entering the health system. In addition to Mr. Dowling, senior medical leadership, CLI and physician recruitment services facilitate this session. Participants receive an overview the organization, its size and scope, the dashboard by which our success is measured and the organization’s values. Emphasis is placed on how our physicians assist in achieving our organizational goals — caring for the patient, providing excellent quality of care and giving exceptional service.

Enrichment courses

CLI offers enrichment courses ranging from active listening and communication skills to time management for business professionals. Each year, the number of enrichment courses increases as the number of applicants rises and interest expands.

The Center for Learning & Innovation is transforming healthcare education.

Access iLearn

Northwell Health employees and members of the community can register for classes and seminars online. Employees must access iLearn through the Intranet.  Community members can register by clicking on the following link:

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Administrative Fellowship Program

Our program trains tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.