High Potential Development Program

High Potential Development Program

The High Potential Development Program builds an internal pipeline to identify, develop and promote top talent from within the organization. As aspiring “leaders of tomorrow,” these selected individuals embody passion and a desire to grow their careers in alignment with the health system’s organizational goals. In order to achieve this, objectives include carefully analyzing workforce development needs to ensure delivery of a well-rounded program aligned to individual learning opportunities with business outcomes across all levels and disciplines. 
The program provides potential leaders with the opportunity for broader exposure to senior leadership and the organization at large, a chance to develop a network of peers, feedback on strengths and development areas, external executive coaching, and most importantly, a focused approach to professional development. Within this program, participants have the opportunity to engage in functional areas at a fast rate of lateral movement through various roles, projects and experiences. After completing a 360° Assessment and Skills Gap Analysis to target developmental areas of focus, participants submit a development plan to track their progress. While undergoing repeated assessment through stretch assignments linked to organizational strategy, the development plans serve as a tool for high potentials to share goals, interests and cumulative experiences with their managers throughout the duration of the program.
As an organization that believes developing coaching competencies are a critical component of effective leadership, all high potentials are required to attend The High Potential Experience at CLI. High potentials participate in-group coaching sessions led by an executive coach. Here, they receive ongoing feedback and support for individual growth. In addition, participants are invited to attend both internal and external development and networking opportunities to increase executive interaction and to develop a network of interprofessional peers.
An online High Potential Portal for both senior leadership and program participants was launched in 2010 to provide transparency, promote engagement and facilitate easy access to information. With leadership being able to access the high potential profiles from current and past years, and with the sharing of information among participants, the portal ensures that each high potential receives maximum exposure to promotional opportunities system-wide while simultaneously providing executives with qualified internal candidates for job openings. 

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