Research and education

Imagine a world where 3D-printed organs replace traditional organ donor transplants...

…and where bioelectronic technology could replace expensive drugs. We’re imagining that world and working to make it a reality through the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.

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We're preparing the next generation of doctors, nurses and physician assistants.

Our groundbreaking curriculums emphasize training medical professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive on-the-job experience. 

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Exceptional training means exceptional care.

That's why we sponsor more than 120 fellowships and residencies for the best and brightest graduate medical students. 

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Center for Learning and Innovation

We’re committed to the growth and development of Northwell Health and our employees. Through CLI’s continuous learning programs, we aim to improve patient care, develop future leaders and enhance our healthcare services. Are you a Northwell employee? Discover CLI for amazing opportunities to learn and to grow.