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An elderly woman with short gray hair wearing gray work out clothes ties her shoes and smiles before a run.
Your road to recovery begins here
If you need pain relief or to get moving again after an accident, injury, illness or surgery, we're here to help. Our experienced, friendly therapists offer the latest rehabilitation techniques and will guide you every step of the way toward a safe, healthy, rapid recovery.

Committed to quality care

The STARS Rehabilitation staff truly understands the meaning of quality care and service. Our licensed professionals are chosen as much for their compassion and caring as for their skill and experience. Their commitment to excellence is apparent in consistently high ratings on patient satisfaction surveys.

Our top programs & services

Our sports therapists use the latest techniques in core stability and functional training to restore optimal athletic performance.

The cancer rehabilitation program provides patients with results-oriented, comprehensive rehabilitation services across every level of care.

The orthopedic rehabilitation program is a comprehensive treatment program for all forms of musculoskeletal and degenerative disorders.

Highly trained therapists work with the patient and family to provide neurological rehabilitation in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

We offer comprehensive treatment, management and education for abnormal lymphatic flow due to cancer, surgery, radiation, and other causes.

We offer comprehensive management for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction and pain, and to women with pregnancy and postpartum disorders.

This outpatient therapy includes complete evaluation and treatment of upper extremity dysfunctions by a certified hand therapist.

Vestibular rehabilitation helps patients resolve dizziness or vertigo and reduce fall risk factors due to inner ear or central nervous system dysfunction. 

STARS Rehabilitation at Hofstra University

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (STARS) is the exclusive physical therapy provided for the Hofstra University Athletic Department. Our STARS Rehabilitation therapists provide care at the university and work with a team of healthcare and sports performance professionals, including certified athletic trainers, physicians, and strength and conditioning specialists.

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