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The wheelchair evaluation clinic at Northwell Health Rehabilitation Network provides comprehensive seating and positioning evaluations for individuals who require the use of either power and/or manually operated wheelchairs. The wheelchair clinic is Medicare compliant and follows all Medicare guidelines related to the prescription of wheelchairs.

The following services are offered as a part of the evaluation:

  • Comprehensive medical history and physical evaluation are performed by an occupational therapist (OT) who specializes in wheelchair seating and positioning.
  • Demonstration of the equipment is provided. A variety of wheelchairs (powered and/or manual) can be available to “test drive” to ensure the appropriate selection of the wheelchair and seating system.
  • There will be a representative from a local durable medical equipment provider (wheelchair provider) to ensure that the wheelchair order is done to the specifications of the client and/or prescribing therapist. Representatives are certified by Rehabilitative Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA).
  • Ongoing wheelchair training is offered as needed to assure the client is safe and proficient in the proper use of the device.
  • Pressure mapping is also offered as a part of the wheelchair evaluation as needed. This device measures the areas of increased pressure on a seated surface.  This can be essential information in determining the cause of a pressure sore or to select the appropriate seat cushion.

After the evaluation, the OT will work closely with the prescribing physician to submit the necessary documentation to the insurance company.  Upon the insurance approval the patient will return to the clinic for the delivery of the new wheelchair. This follow-up visit will include a custom fitting to the seating system and training with the operation of the wheelchair.

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