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There are an estimated 200,000 ACL injuries each year in the United States. We’ve adopted a clinically proven neuromuscular training program to help reduce the risk of debilitating ACL injuries.

Through our certified athletic trainer services, we provide schools and teams with highly qualified athletic trainers who have access to the resources of Northwell Health—the region’s largest health system.

The Northwell Health Concussion Program offers comprehensive management and treatment for athletic and non-athletic individuals.

As an overhead throwing athlete, you place unique demands on your body—especially your throwing arm. We have developed a comprehensive rehabilitation program using the latest evidence-based methods.

Complex and repetitive movements associated with the performing arts can sometimes cause painful injuries that prevent you from performing at your peak. We can help.

Active women are at a higher risk than their male counterparts for certain injuries around the hips, pelvis, knees and ankles. To address your unique needs, our program offers a variety of resources.

Whether you recently began experiencing hip pain or are experiencing residual effects of a childhood hip disorder, we have the experience to help you get back on your feet and resume your active lifestyle. 

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