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The Northwell Health Spine Center offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for patients suffering from back and neck pain, as well as the full spectrum of spinal disorders. We are conveniently located, and our experienced team of dedicated physicians includes spine specialists from several related areas of medicine.

The Spine Center’s collaborative “shared decision-making” process allows the patient and physician to make healthcare decisions together, because there are multiple treatment options available. We use this patient-centered approach throughout all aspects of your care — from the initial diagnosis through targeted treatments and rehabilitation — and keep you informed and educated about your options along the way.

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Treatment for a wide range of conditions

Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, but not all back pain is the same. Our spine specialists offer solutions for all kinds of back problems, from muscle-related conditions to more serious issues involving the spine.

Some of the conditions we treat include:

The physician team

Our experienced team of dedicated physicians includes both surgical and nonsurgical specialists from Northwell Health, one of the nation’s largest health networks. Each patient referred to the Spine Center is evaluated thoroughly in order to receive an evidence-based, diagnosis-specific plan of care.

To ensure optimal spine care, your treatment will be a part of a collaborative effort with the availability of the following specialties:

Other disciplines contributing to your plan of care include:

Our core team of spine physicians works both clinically and academically with clinicians throughout Northwell Health. Our physicians are also dedicated to the education of medical students, residents and visiting clinicians, and contribute to meaningful spine-related research.

Patient satisfaction

As part of our mission to maximize patient outcomes and satisfaction, each patient’s condition and progress are measured and recorded using recognized outcome questionnaires. This information helps us improve how we diagnose and treat patients and allows us to be compared favorably to similar spine centers both nationally and internationally.

For physicians

If you or your practice has an established relationship with a spine specialist within Northwell Health, we encourage you to continue your current referral patterns and thank you for the opportunity to participate in your patients’ care.

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