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The Joint Rehabilitation Therapy Program provides comprehensive care for both pre- and post-operative joint replacement patients as well as for non-operative patients with musculoskeletal and degenerative disorders. The team of skilled rehabilitation therapists assesses and guides their patients back to their highest level of function.

Goals of joint replacement therapy are to decrease swelling and pain, improve range of motion, regain strength and flexibility and restore optimal level of function.  

The program includes the use of evidence-based assessment tools, including current rehabilitative techniques and operative procedures, education on joint protection techniques and self-help instructors certified by the Arthritis Foundation. During treatment, the therapists are in communication with the patient’s physician at initial evaluation and four, eight and 12-week progress notes.

Other services available for joint replacement patients are:

  • Aquatic therapy for decreased joint forces
  • Seminars associated with the Arthritis Foundation
  • A post-rehab and wellness program
  • Balance rehabilitation therapy
  • Golf therapy and fitness
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