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About the Patient Satisfaction Survey

Our patient satisfaction information is gathered by a third party vendor, Press Ganey, to ensure patient confidentiality. This vendor is trusted by other hospitals and government agencies, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The benefits to using an outside company to distribute, collect and manage patient feedback are that patients know that the information provided and appearing on doctor profiles is non-biased. Surveys are distributed to patients who visit a Northwell Health Physician Partners doctor in an outpatient office. Mail surveys are distributed to a random sampling of patients and email surveys are provided to every patient who gives an email address. Patients are eligible to receive a survey if they have not received a patient satisfaction survey about an outpatient office visit within the last 90 days. Survey questions address the doctor’s compassion and communication style and the likelihood that the patient would recommend the doctor.

Once the survey is received via mail or email, completed and returned, it is transcribed and comments and ratings appear on the Northwell Health Physician Partners doctor profiles in a matter of weeks.

The benefits of displaying patient feedback

Everyone talks about providing a high-quality patient-doctor experience, but the Northwell Health Physician Partners doctors are going further and encouraging patients to share their feedback through the patient satisfaction survey. We use this information to continually strengthen the patient-doctor relationship.

Northwell Health Physician Partners realizes that patients prioritize different things when looking for a doctor – ranging from doctor reputation to bedside manner. Having dependable review information at their fingertips can help patients pick the doctor that is right for them based on the criteria that they find important. Northwell Health Physician Partners wants our website to serve as an easy way to find care and to see trustworthy information about our doctors. The reviews are designed to empower patients to make the best choices by giving them better access to reliable information.

What questions are the ratings based on?

Ratings are based on responses to 10 questions about the physician measured on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best score. Questions include:

  1. Explanations the care provider gave you about your problem or condition
  2. Concern the care provider showed for your questions or worries
  3. Care provider's efforts to include you in decisions about your treatment
  4. Degree to which care provider talked with you using words you could understand
  5. Friendliness/courtesy of the care provider
  6. Information the care provider gave you about medications (if any)
  7. Instructions the care provider gave you about follow-up care (if any)
  8. Amount of time the care provider spent with you
  9. Your confidence in this care provider
  10. Likelihood of your recommending this care provider to others

What makes Northwell Health Physician Partners reviews reliable?

Unlike websites where anyone can post doctor reviews, only actual patients can provide information by completing the survey sent to them by Press Ganey. This ensures that Northwell Health Physician Partners is displaying information from verified patients.

Both positive and negative comments will appear in their entirety on doctor’s profiles. However, we do not post comments that are libelous, slanderous, and profane or those that risk the privacy of our patients. The doctors will not know which patients provided feedback and comments about their visit.

Criteria for display of reviews on physician profiles

Northwell Health Physician Partners doctors who see patients in an out-patient office and have a reliable number of completed patient surveys will have reviews included on their profile.

Doctors who have privileges at Northwell Health Hospitals but are not part of the Northwell Health Physician Partners will not have reviews on their profile pages because they are not employed by Northwell Health Physician Partners and managed by Northwell Health Physician Partners. We do not survey the patients of doctors who are not part of the Northwell Health Physician Partners.

How to share feedback about a doctor’s visit

We encourage all patients to tell us about their experience with our doctors. Sharing feedback about a visit with a doctor is as simple as filling out and returning the patient satisfaction survey sent after the appointment. To ensure you receive a survey, provide your email address to the staff in the doctor’s office.

About the Annual Patients’ Choice Awards

The doctors who are recognized each year by the Northwell Health Physician Partners Patients’ Choice Awards are chosen by the tens of thousands of patients who respond to our patient experience surveys throughout the year.

The doctors who receive the awards achieved the very best ratings by providing a truly extraordinary, positive, patient experience.  They clearly demonstrate the qualities that patients value in their doctors.  They partner with their patients by listening, explaining, respecting, connecting, and caring. Watch the video to learn more about the awards and the outstanding doctors who received it.

Patients choice awards

Each year our patients take the time to provide us feedback on their visit to a Northwell Health Physician Partners physician through a comprehensive, third party Patient Satisfaction Survey. 

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