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Young girl in black leotard doing a split on a gymnastics mat in her home.
A rare brain tumor, treated by an everyday “superhero”
When Katelyn needed surgery for anaplastic ependymoma, a rare type of brain tumor, her parents chose Cohen Children’s Medical Center. There, they learned that not all heroes wear capes—sometimes, they wear scrubs.
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Even though she is a nurse, Ashley Fisher was not entirely prepared for the experiences, or the disappointment, she navigated during multiple rounds of IVF and several miscarriages. Her daughter, and now her twin sons, are proof of her perseverance.
Liam Dubno was a toddler when his parents noticed he was excessively thirsty. At Cohen Children’s Medical Center, pediatric endocrinologist Phyllis Speiser, MD, diagnosed him with Type 1 diabetes. Now 5 years old, Liam maturely manages his condition and enjoys life to the fullest.
For Michael, every day is a gift after surviving heart failure. He thanks the experts at Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital and his anonymous heart donor for giving him another chance at life.