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As the largest laboratory network in the region, Northwell Health Labs offers an array of services throughout the entire New York metropolitan area.
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A full-service, health-system-based laboratory network

Northwell Health Labs is comprised of a centralized core laboratory and over 60 hospital and outpatient locations. Our pathologists study the causes, processes and diagnosis of diseases. Though patients often do not see pathologists, the laboratory services touch every department within the health system. Our experts perform more than 25 million tests per year, from general testing to specialized testing in complex microbiology, endocrinology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, cytology, hematology, immunology, special coagulation, and diagnostic surgical pathology.

We provide a variety of services, including home phlebotomy, lab collection centers, reference testing, and consultative and informatics services. These services are provided to patients, physician practices, hospitals, insurance companies, nursing homes, other laboratories and the diagnostic industry. Our delivery model allows for integrated care across the health system, making our laboratory network a valuable partner to providers, insurance companies, and, most importantly, the populations we serve.

Our highly trained faculty members at the Northwell Health Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine are committed to preparing residents to practice in either an academic or community-based setting, while providing an excellent clinical experience in a supportive environment.

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