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ACL Treatment and Prevention Program

What is the ACL?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of four ligaments critical to the stability of the knee joint. It is prone to injury during sports that involve sudden stops and changes in direction, such as basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Non-contact injuries account for approximately 70 percent of all ACL injuries, making them more common than traumatic injuries. There are an estimated 200,000 ACL injuries each year in the United States, and female athletes are two to eight times more likely to suffer an ACL injury than males competing in similar activities.

About our program

The good news is that we can significantly decrease the risk of ACL injuries. At Northwell Health, we’ve adopted a clinically proven neuromuscular training program called PEP (Prevent Injury & Enhance Performance) to help reduce the risk of debilitating ACL injuries.

The program emphasizes:

  • Proper warmup and cool down techniques
  • Strengthening (core and lower extremities)
  • Flexibility
  • Balance and proprioception (sensory information contributing to your sense of position and movement)
  • Plyometrics (“jump training”) and agility drills
  • Proper jumping and landing techniques

Therapeutic benefits of PEP include:

  • Injury prevention and reduction
  • Maintenance and improvement of optimum performance levels
  • Improved core stability
  • Improved postural alignment and awareness
  • Enhanced jumping technique
  • Pain relief
  • Increased joint and muscle mobility

A team approach

Our specially trained team of orthopedists, along with physical specialists from STARS (Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services), are available to screen athletes who may be at risk of ACL injuries. Our clinical team works with coaches, sports teams and individuals to help reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

Our team of professionals understands the demands of each sport and what’s required to keep athletes off the sidelines and performing at the highest level possible. We treat all levels of athletes participating in all sports. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (833) 9-SPORTS.

ACL Injuries: Recent Advances and Best Practices


Listen to Dr. Andrew Goodwillie, one of our sports medicine orthopedic surgeons to learn the facts about ACL injuries including treatment options and surgical management.

From pro athletes to weekend warriors, we treat many sports injuries including torn ligaments, concussions, broken bones and overextended muscles.

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