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Foot & ankle care

About us

The foot and ankle specialists at the Center for Orthopedic Excellence at Syosset Hospital provide comprehensive medical services and procedures for patients suffering from diseases, disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle. Our team of anesthesiologists, nurses, radiologists and rehabilitation specialists provides individualized care for even the most complex cases.

Why choose us?

The Center for Orthopedic Excellence and its dedicated team of healthcare professionals focus on you and your specific needs. We believe that continuity of care offers the best results, so our doctors are there to work with you during every part of your experience and follow you through preoperative education and presurgical testing, the surgical experience itself, rehabilitation and your return to a healthy and active life. This continuity of care means that not only will you have a better experience and recovery, you'll also have an added level of comfort and reassurance that comes with seeing familiar faces throughout your care. 

Our team is composed of surgeons, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, rehabilitation specialists and healthcare professionals who have been chosen specifically for their training, skill and compassion.


Procedures we offer include:

  • Total ankle replacement—During this revolutionary surgery, the surfaces of the ankle joint are replaced with metal, and a thick polyethylene spacer acts as a cushion in between the surfaces—which allows for smooth, stable motion through the ankle joint. The prosthesis is customizable by length and diameter to allow for a more individualized fit with minimal bone removal. It also features anchoring stems that secure the prosthesis in place, reducing the likelihood that the joint will loosen over time.
  • Achilles tendon repair surgery—Repairs a ruptured or torn Achilles tendon, the strong fibrous cord that connects the two large muscles in the back of the calf to the heel bone.
  • Ankle and foot fusions—Procedures that fuse two or more bones together in the ankle or foot. The most common reason ankle fusions are performed is to correct damage of degenerative arthritis.

Other surgical procedures performed by our orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons include:

Our team

Ayal Segal, MD

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery, Joint Reconstruction, Foot and Ankle Surgery

Scott Jonathan Koenig, MD

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery, Foot and Ankle Surgery
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