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The labor and delivery services at Northwell Health fuse the comfort and stress-free environment you desire with the top-notch equipment and expertise you deserve. We perfect each aspect of your experience from the knowledge we share to the food we offer.

We understand that you require special care and treatment. That’s why we’ve altered our suites to cater to your every need before and after delivery. We think of your labor as a dynamic, interactive experience. We don’t just value your requests and preferences; we work hard to give you the experience you want, so long as it doesn’t affect your process in a harmful way. You have a right to privacy, in addition to a full discussion about every concern that may arise.

During your delivery, we protect this open channel of communication by offering you clarifications and explanations when needed.

Our approach

We offer full-time safety officers and full-time obstetrics and gynecology physicians dedicated to treating you 24/7. Our professionals set up an educational, yet comfortable environment for you during your pregnancy. We offer an educational class that illustrates each step of the labor and delivery process, from contractions to your arrival at the hospital. In addition, we hold social functions, such as baby shower luncheons, to give you a warm welcome and the opportunity to get to know the staff. Our goal is to give you an uplifting environment through every step of your delivery.

Before labor and delivery, we'll educate you on what to expect and address any concerns you have. We will work with you to develop a birth plan specific to your wants and needs, while offering recommendations on the best options for you and your baby. We take the time to discuss the pros and cons of an epidural, an anesthetic, and other delivery options available to you.

Our main goals include putting you at ease and helping you feel comfortable throughout this exciting experience.

Signs of labor

Some common signs of labor include:

  • A lightening feeling ­— This feeling may occur a few weeks before labor and indicates that your baby has moved down your pelvis
  • Bloody show/discharge
  • Rupture of membranes (water breaks)
  • Stable and consistent contractions
  • Active fetal movement between contractions
  • Spurt of energy
  • Opening of the cervix
  • Thinning of the cervix


Possible labor and delivery complications include:

  • Umbilical cord complications
  • Perianal lacerations — A tear between the vagina and anus
  • Abnormal fetal heart rhythm or rate
  • Failure to progress — Labor stalls. In this instance, a C-section may be recommended
  • Breech position — Occurs when your baby is positioned in the uterus feet first, or sideways
  • Placenta previa — Occurs when the placenta is covering the cervix
Labor and delivery services

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