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The Maternal Fetal Medicine Division of Northwell Health uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat pregnancy complications. We work with nutritionists, diabetic educators, pediatric cardiologists and other experts to give you the personalized care you deserve during your pregnancy.

With nearly 40,000 deliveries a year, there is no condition too complex for our team. We are here to guide you through uncertain times by giving you something that might have been lost after you were diagnosed with a pregnancy complication: hope.

Each and every one of our experts believes in and fights for your best outcome. Whether it’s encouraging you through preconception counseling, deliberating with other specialists to fine-tune your delivery process, or performing complex procedures, our staff is passionate about offering you the care you deserve. 

In the early stages of your care, you will be assigned a patient navigator who is dedicated to planning and perfecting every aspect of your treatment. From making your appointments to scheduling your delivery, your patient navigator is fully dedicated to giving you a seamless experience. 

Our Northwell Health professionals are committed to your overall well-being, that’s why we have social workers who offer psychosocial counseling for new mothers dealing with stressful situations, or suffering the loss of a pregnancy or newborn. Through the Northwell Health Perinatal Program, our specialists address a wide range of psychiatric disorders in new or expectant mothers, such as postpartum depression. We work together to help you overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of your ability to raise a healthy family.   

If you experience any complications that make it difficult for you to care for your baby after delivery, we offer home care services so we can continue to monitor your condition. We also offer these services before delivery if needed.

You can think of our maternal fetal medicine professionals as your safety net. We give you the sophisticated, compassionate care you and your baby need.

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