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We’ve helped thousands achieve parenthood
Our next success could be yours. Learn more about the groundbreaking treatments and family-building options at Northwell Health Fertility, the leader in reproductive and infertility medicine.
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Why choose us?

Northwell Health Fertility has been a leader in reproductive and infertility medicine for decades and continues to be at the forefront of research in the reproductive sciences. We’re nationally respected for our success rates and globally recognized for our scientific achievements. 

At Northwell Health Fertility, our dedicated team of fertility specialists will develop a treatment plan best suited to your individual situation. We provide complete clinical services, the most current surgical techniques, and the full spectrum of assisted reproduction technologies. 

Our services include IVF, IUI, donor eggs, donor sperm, PGD/PGS, egg freezing, surgery for infertility, fertility preservation or cancer patients and male infertility testing.

Not only is donating your eggs a highly rewarding experience, you'll also be financially compensated for your efforts. We’re here to guide and care for you through the process.

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Preserving your eggs allows you to pause your biological clock and start a family at the right time, when you feel ready.

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The Wellness Center

Supporting your psychological and physical well-being

From fertility-focused interactive workshops to nutrition counseling and more, we provide comprehensive support during your treatment.

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