Webinar: A Team-Based Approach to Prostate Cancer Treatment

Webinar: A Team-Based Approach to Prostate Cancer Treatment


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About this webinar

Watch Dr. Louis Potters, chairman, department of radiation medicine at Northwell Health, and Dr. Manish Vira, urologic oncologist at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute, discuss the benefits of multidisciplinary consultation for patients with prostate cancer.

In cases of prostate cancer, patients generally have treatment options. When a urologist and a radiation oncologist meet together with a patient to discuss the most appropriate options, instead of being seen separately, it gives the patient a better understanding so he can make an educated choice while reducing fear and confusion.

Drs. Potters and Vira will discuss how this approach is utilized at Northwell Health Cancer Institute and how by collaboratively reviewing the pros and cons of each treatment option and making a combined recommendation, taking into account patient lifestyle and preferences, the patient can make the best choice.

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