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Michael Dowling: Self-awareness, consistency and an optimistic view can help executives and leaders stay on track.
Michael Dowling's stance on gun violence is the perfect example of how health care organizations can be change agents.
Michael Dowling explains how addressing bad behaviors — smoking, vaping and drinking excessively — can go a long way in achieving optimal health, and reducing health care cost.
Michael Dowling: Gun violence is a public health crisis and health care CEOs need to take action to help end these senseless acts.
In this letter to health care CEOs, Michael Dowling calls for sensible gun legislation, to invest in mental health, prevent the sale and access to certain firearms and proper education for staff and communities.
Multidisciplinary physician teams who work on different campuses can still collaborate on care effectively with the right tools and strategies.
Michael Dowling explains how a greater understanding of health care's humanity, business model and costs can help external companies strengthen partnerships.
Mark Jarrett, MD: While large health systems field strong IT teams to combat threats, health care can still be attacked through various methods.
Michael Dowling asks how many qualified veterans does your organization employ?
Michael Dowling: Paying attention to those doing extraordinary work develops culture and trust, and provides a sense of belonging.
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