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As burnout continues to impact physicians nationwide, Northwell is working hard to address the issue via resiliency programs.
The Donald and Barbara School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell tests the potential for burnout among applying students and evaluates resiliency throughout their studies.
Impacting physicians across the US, burnout has negatively influenced patient experiences and even led to suicide.
Listen to part 1 of this three-part series for the Health Story podcast, focusing on Michael Dowling's new book about optimism in health care.
Michael Dowling discusses the value of collaborating between pharmaceutical companies and health care.
Strategic alliances can drive new business and improve efficiency. Kevin McGreachy shows how to evaluate them.
Success. Human interaction. And middle management are integral to delivering quality care. Michael Dowling opines.
Northwell's president and CEO discusses his decision to wind down CareConnect, the health system's insurance company.
Michael Dowling: Northwell's upcoming Constellation Forum will bring health care organizations together to tackle pressing challenges.
The technology behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin may have implications for keeping electronic medical records safe and private.
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