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Wedding Emergency: Couple Gets Married in the ER


The venue for Anja and Michael's wedding went from New York City Hall to the emergency department at Lenox Health Greenwich Village (LHGV).

The bride and groom, visiting from Germany, were injured in a minor car accident on their way to get married. Both were being treated for cuts to the face when a few nurses learned their story. The staff at LHGV knew what they had to do: get a cake, a bouquet, and a pastor from a local church.

The hard-working staff at LHGV put all the pieces together while the couple was waiting to be discharged. As Anja and Michael walked to the ER lobby, they were greeted with music, flowers, and "guests" happy to share in their special moment. The happy couple finally wed after 35 years together – and one adventure-filled trip to New York City.

Anja and Michael were amazed by the hospitality of the emergency team and did not think something like this could ever happen back in Germany. They have since returned home with some cuts and bruises, a story to tell, and most importantly each other.

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