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Sister’s back-to-back births has them celebrating side-by-side this Mother’s Day

Meet your cousin: baby boys, Brandon Flores and Giovanni Battimelli, born just hours apart at Staten Island University Hospital.
Meet your cousin: baby boys, Brandon Flores and Giovanni Battimelli, born just hours apart at Staten Island University Hospital.

Cousins form immediate bond at Staten Island University Hospital


These sisters would say good things come in threes.

Ashely, Alyssa and Alexis are inseparable. From the time they were kids, they’ve done everything together. Everything from family trips to having their babies – Ashley and Alyssa had theirs literally on the same day.

On April 12, 2019, the sisters delivered their baby boys, Brandon Flores and Giovanni Battimelli just hours apart, in the same delivery room – both by the same doctor.

Just three weeks earlier, third sister, Alexis delivered her baby boy, Joseph Barbara on March 18, again by the same physician, Paul Heltzer, MD, OB-GYN at Staten Island University Hospital.

“We couldn’t have planned this if we tried,” Ashley laughed. “[In July], we (Ashley and Alyssa) were driving together to Myrtle Beach when we told each other about our pregnancies. Everyone made jokes about us having the babies on the same day. We said, ‘there’s no way, that would be too crazy of a story’ – who knew!” 

Dr. Paul Heltzer performed both deliveries

On April 12, Ashley was scheduled for an induction as a result of high blood pressure concerns. Her sister, Alyssa, was right by her side for the delivery.

“We’re in the delivery room, I’m ready to have my baby, then Alyssa starts saying that she’s feeling contractions,” Ashley recalled. “The doctors examined Alyssa and found that she was dilated. They prepped her for delivery.”

Brandon came into the world at 12:24 p.m. Hospital staff cleaned the room, brought Alyssa in, and seven hours later, Giovanni was born at 7:33 p.m.

Dr. Heltzer performed both deliveries.

On March 18, Dr. Heltzer also delivered Alexis’s son Joseph, making it a triple baby–play for Mother’s Day, leaving no empty hands for grandmother, Lorraine Razzano.

“It’ going to be a three-ring circus, our mom babysits all of the kids while we’re at work,” Ashley said.The moms are planning to spend Mother’s Day together to celebrate their new blessings, and are currently planning a return trip to Myrtle Beach where this baby story all began.

“We’re all over the moon, Ashley said.” It’s funny; we all wanted babies close together, but the fact that it actually happened this way is incredible. “We’re all very close, so to have our boys grow up together like we did is truly a blessing”

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