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A stressed physician holds his head in his hand. Northwell has taken strides in opening communication and initiating programs to alleviate physician burnout.
What is physician burnout?
Impacting physicians across the US, burnout has negatively influenced patient experiences and even led to suicide.
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As burnout continues to impact physicians nationwide, Northwell is working hard to address the issue via resiliency programs.
Northwell offers free and confidential collaborative counseling to assist staff with stress reduction, burnout prevention and anger management skills.
The Donald and Barbara School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell tests the potential for burnout among applying students and evaluates resiliency throughout their studies.
The HOPES team: Anu Aygun, Nicole Markovits, Nancy Barbach, Adrian Mazur, Rachel Bosswick, Christine Milner, Gina Covelli, Amy Nadel, Jonathan Fish, Jessica Salisbury, Jedidah Harris, Abby Slaven, Lauren Horowitz, Brittney Whitford, Christine, Marigliano
Critical incidence stress management for health care workers
Cohen Children’s HOPES team provides valuable coping mechanisms for clinicians experiencing stress and burnout symptoms.
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