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Thomas McGinn, MD, is heading Northwell's Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research
New research center brings patient-first focus
The Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research is utilizing technology and behavioral interventions to treat various diseases.
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Negin Hajizadeh, MD, is studying how exercise and remote monitoring can improve the lives of African-American and Hispanic COPD patients.
Michael Diefenbach, PhD, and his team developed Healium, a software program that helps prostate cancer patients evaluate treatment options.
Catherine Benedict, PhD, is helping develop an online-based tool that will help cancer survivors make fertility decisions.
Joseph McGowan and his team at Northwell’s Center for AIDS Research and Treatment is working with mobile apps to encourage patients to take their medications. The team also identified which metro New York areas have the highest incidence of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Using data and technology for HIV prevention and treatment
Joseph McGowan, MD, and his team are using two mobile apps and video chat in HIV treatment.
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