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A man and woman speak while sitting in a circle
Putting social determinants of health to work in clinical practice
How the Irish are healing the world
Outside the Feinstein Institutes
Feinstein Institutes researcher recognized for work in bioelectronic medicine
A woman with a prosthetic leg ties her shoe.
New prosthetic leg can feel touch, reduce 'phantom limb' pain
At Farmingdale, $1M grant to fund scholarships
Kevin Tracey working at a microscope
New therapies such as bioelectronics turning drug companies into therapy companies with hospitals' help
Kevin Tracey looks at a microscope slide.
Dr. Kevin Tracey: Inventing the future of medicine
A physician looks inside a woman's ear
Dr Miriam Stoppard: Stimulating the ear could ease arthritis without use of drugs
Swimming for a cure
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