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A clinician prepares a vaccination
New shingles vaccine in short supply nationwide
Surgeons about to perform procedure
Repairing leaky valves—without invasive surgery
Bad leadership can have toxic impacts on an executive and organization. Avoid these "don'ts" for effective leadership.
Huntington Hospital
Hometown Helpers: Carol Pustay, Huntington Hospital
Parkinson’s disease was interfering with life, but deep brain stimulation put William Bridges back on the dance floor.
A microscope
NIH gets behind new Feinstein Institute sepsis study
A novel rehab regimen revitalized Chen Lie after she suffered a stroke.
A woman on a treadmill
Yo-Yo dieting associated with early death, study finds
Brachytherapy can help men with prostate cancer to avoid surgery and enjoy a quick recovery. Radioactive seed therapy has returned 80-year-old Larry Fenster to his normal life after prostate cancer.
Clinicians with a boy in a hospital bed
Hospital bed integrates with monitoring software to identify risks
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