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SAVI SCOUT provides new way to locate breast tumors

New device can precisely locate tissue that needs to be removed during surgical breast biopsies and lumpectomies.

Glen Cove Hospital now offers state-of-the-art technology that enables surgeons to precisely locate tissue that needs to be removed during surgical breast biopsies and lumpectomies. The new device, called SAVI SCOUT, "also improves the patient experience because of its convenience," said Nina Vincoff, MD, chief of the Division of Breast Imaging and of ambulatory imaging strategy and patient experience at Northwell Health.

How SAVI SCOUT works

SAVI SCOUT consists of a tiny, wireless radar device that a radiologist - using local anesthetic and a needle - inserts into the area of breast tissue, or tumor, that needs to be removed. Women can have the device inserted at an outpatient location at a time that's convenient for them - hours, days or weeks before surgery. Later, in the operating room, a surgeon uses a special wand to detect the device's radar signals to locate the tumor for removal.

Previously, women had to visit the radiologist a few hours before surgery to have a wire threaded into their breast tumor to serve as a guide for the surgeon. This procedure required "women to have a wire hanging out of their breast until the operation, which could be uncomfortable and stressful," said Dr. Vincoff. "In contrast, SAVI SCOUT doesn't use a wire and can be inserted as far in advance of the surgery as you like."

Breast surgeons and radiologists at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute were the first on Long Island to introduce the new system to patients in July 2016. Northwell's expansion of the program to Glen Cove Hospital was made possible by $220,000 in funds raised, in part, by the Katz Institute for Women's Health 25th Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show.

A growing number of breast surgeons are adopting the technology as a new standard of care. For more information, please call Northwell Health Imaging at Glen Cove:
(516) 674-0500
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