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Putting cutting-edge technology and big data to work for patients


The Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research (CHIOR), a 20,000-square-foot, $15 million facility that is part of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, held its grand opening earlier this month. The team of internationally-renowned researchers will use technology, big data and creative new ways of thinking about health care outcomes to measure and improve health care delivery.

"The Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research is an incubator for innovation," said Michael J. Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell Health. "It will identify and nurture new ideas to improve patient care, which can be rapidly implemented across and beyond Northwell Health."

The new Center draws on the work of an extraordinarily broad and deep team that includes thought leaders, experts, and rising stars in health care information technology, biostatistics, behavioral and medical economics, and public health as well as the full range of practicing health care providers like physicians, nurses, and psychologists. They leverage the unique diversity and size of Northwell's patient population to learn about the struggles and challenges faced by both patients and health care professionals.

The Center's scientists are working to bring up-to-the-minute knowledge to patient interactions in real time by embedding them in the electronic health records that are a mainstay of today's standard of care. By developing ways to use massive big data to measure outcomes in addition to processes and procedures, they add real-world impact to health decisions and treatment, reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions. The scientists are leveraging technology widely available to patients on their smartphones and the internet. They are developing an app that helps female cancer patients evaluate their fertility and family-building options; an app that manages decisions associated with prostate cancer treatment; and another app that helps people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) manage their medication regimen. They also develop ways for numerous, unique health care settings to quickly implement research findings so that patients benefit rapidly.

"Our research saves lives today – our findings have an immediate impact on patient care," said Thomas McGinn, MD, MPH, head of the Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research at the Feinstein Institute and senior vice president of physician network operations at Northwell Health. "This new facility brings to life dynamic collaboration and creativity our researchers thrive on."

The Center is home to more than 100 scientists and staff who publish in top-tier scholarly journals and textbooks. They are working on nearly 30 projects funded through grants totaling more than $20 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other sources, both public and private.

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About the Feinstein Institute

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is the research arm of Northwell Health, the largest healthcare provider in New York. Home to 50 research laboratories and to clinical research throughout dozens of hospitals and outpatient facilities, the Feinstein Institute includes 4,000 researchers and staff who are making breakthroughs in molecular medicine, genetics, oncology, brain research, mental health, autoimmunity, and bioelectronic medicine – a new field of science that has the potential to revolutionize medicine. For more information about how we empower imagination and pioneer discovery, visit

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