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Nutritious foods for flu prevention


Want to wage germ warfare on colds and the flu this season? Then maybe a trip to the produce section of your grocery store to stock your arsenal is in order.

At the cafeteria of Staten Island University Hospital – where citrus is the super food of the month in the – Executive Chef Fernando Marulanda and Zoe Wilson, a dietetic intern, are serving up food for both patients and staff geared at boosting their immune systems and keeping them healthy.

Today they're sharing two hospital recipes: Citrus oatmeal parfait and grilled salmon with citrus.

They'll be using oranges, oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, grape tomatoes, salmon, cucumbers and onions.

"The whole idea is fresh ingredients, nothing complicated or over the top. This is something that your basic home cook can make themselves," said Chef Fernando. "You can buy all of these ingredients at your local store."

The oatmeal parfait can be made the night before in a mason jar so it's ready to grab and go the next morning as you head out to work or school. It's not only a great breakfast that has protein, fiber and Vitamin C (essential for the immune system), it'll also keep you full and energized right up until lunch time.

For lunch or dinner, the grilled salmon packs on the protein which helps your body with the extra energy needed when you're feeling sick. It's also rich in Omega 3s which are a natural antioxidant.

"Choosing foods that are healthy and full of antioxidants is a great way to fight off the flu season," said Ms. Wilson. "You're prepping your body with goodness rather than processed foods which take a toll on the body's immune system."

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