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Women’s heart health focus of latest Northwell Health Story podcast

Kathy Khodadadi with her yoga trainer
Kathy Khodadadi with her yoga trainer

Kathy Khodadadi took her heart health into her own hands. Listen to her story.

It was at a presentation for cardiac disease risk factors in women, that Kathy Khodadadi, 49, of Alberston, NY, knew she had to make changes to help her heart. She had the typical symptoms a mom who was caring for others often at the expense of her own health. She had prediabetes, high cholesterol, carried excess weight and experienced shortness of breath and fatigue.

An appointment with Evelina Grayver, MD, director of the Coronary Care Unit at North Shore University Hospital’s Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital revealed she had nonobstructive coronary artery disease with an intermediate risk for a cardiac event within five to 10 years. “It was a big wake-up call,” Ms. Khodadadi explained. “I knew I had to make some real changes and make myself a priority.”

In the latest episode of Northwell Health’s Health Story podcast, Ms. Khodadadi explains how a change in exercise, diet and meeting with a registered dietitian changed her outlook. She took small steps and set manageable goals. “I see a difference and feel healthier,” she said.

In addition to Ms Khodadadi, we’ll hear from her physician Dr. Grayver and from Stacey Rosen, MD, vice president of women’s health at Northwell’s Katz Institute for Women’s Health, who along with Jennifer Mieres, MD, senior vice president for the Center for Equity of Care and Northwell’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, co-authored Heart Smart for Women, about how women’s cardiac symptoms are different from men’s and why it’s important that women not dismiss their symptoms.

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