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Todd Goldstein works on The Fin
A more versatile prosthetic leg
Northwell's "The FIN" received honorable mention for Time magazine's Best Inventions 2018.
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A clinician holds a pill bottle
FDA warns of rare stroke risk with MS drug
A woman and her doc
Most people lie to their doctor: Here's why
A doctor and mother watch over a boy in a hospital bed.
Infections in the young may be tied to risk for mental illness: Study
A woman holding her phone
An app, your fingernail -- and anemia screening is done
A woman steps on the scale
Obesity may be driving rise in uterine cancers
A woman in a sauna
Relaxing in a sauna may help reduce heart attack risk
Coins in a tower
Financial security of health care
Rosie the robot
Rosie the Robot comes to LIJ Valley Stream
More illnesses from tainted romaine lettuce reported
Walking shoes
Healthy lifestyle lowers odds of breast cancer's return
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