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Health Story: Surviving six brain aneurysms

After six brain aneurysms, including one that ruptured, Billy Brogdon Simmons recently returned to his position as patient family experience coordinator at LIJ Valley Stream. He talks about his experience in Northwell's podcast.

During Long Island Jewish Valley Stream's annual Christmas tree lighting last year, Billy Brogdon Simmons was dressed as a toy soldier, playing and taking pictures with the children in attendance. The joyous occasion quickly turned dramatic as Mr. Simmons collapsed.

As he was rushed to the community hospital's emergency room, Mr. Simmons' breathing deteriorated and his airways were closing. Joseph Marino, MD, medical director at LIJ Valley Stream, intubated him. And he was sent to North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) after a computed tomography (CT) scan confirmed Mr. Simmons was bleeding in the brain.

Specialty care was needed.

"One of the aneurysms was bleeding, and there were three others around it," said Amir Dehdashti, MD, director of cerebrovascular neurosurgery at NSUH. "We took him into surgery and treated the four, including the one which had caused the bleeding."

Thanks to the coordinated care he received at LIJ Valley Stream, NSUH and rehabilitation at Glen Cove Hospital, Mr. Simmons recovered. He's now walking, talking and back to work.

Listen to his story.

"I am so grateful. I am able to think and have my speech back to what it was. I’m walking and talking again."
— Billy Brogdon Simmons
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