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Health Story podcast: Delving deeper into "Health Care Reboot"

Michael Dowling talks greater quality, safety, access, and affordability for health care in the second installment of this three-part Health Story podcast.

Northwell President and CEO Michael Dowling discusses a greater quality, safety, access and affordability for health care in his new book.

In part two of a three-part Health Story podcast, Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling and his co-author Charles Kenney, delve deeper into their new book, Health Care Reboot and the positive trends that are changing the US health care system.

Their conversation with host David North provides insight into one of the most important issues for all Americans as they make a compelling argument for a positive view of a health care system that is progressing toward greater quality, safety, access, and affordability. They cite transformative cases in cardiology, oncology, brain health and the power of addressing  social determinants of health so that readers gain an in-depth understanding of the systematic changes being made in the industry that portend a positive future.

“At a time when every discussion of health care in America begins with gloomy rhetoric that makes is sounds as if all hope is lost along comes Michael Dowling and Charles Kenney to give us more than reason to hope… the book does not sugar coat our problems but it does forecast great opportunities for even more miraculous achievement going forward,” said former US Senator Bob Kerrey.

The book is available for purchase online and at booksellers everywhere.

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